Which are the ADVANTAGES to be a member of AEPSI?

Be part of a community

We will be in contact with our associate’s side by side, unifying criteria, creating synergies and establishing the ethic bases essentials for our services give quality, professionalism and prestige.


Provided to all your associates the access to the necessary training tools for the professional practice also as well, the access of another services orientated to the improvement of the capacities and the promotion for the development of your business.

Promotion to a national level

We spread the service and the Association to a national level, collaborating actively with prestigious Associations and consolidate like API or AEGI, also other more recently created like AICAT or Inmosisters.

Requirements to be a member of AEPSI

1. To be register in the business tax (IAE) or license tax by the activity.

2. That your activity and positioning of Retail Personal Shopper will be establish next to the interests of the purchaser of which will depend exclusively the fees that we will receive. The spirit of Retail Personal Shopper is only to get pay from one part of the real estate transaction.

3. That will be a compromise the Ethic code of the association, assuming and respecting to the maximum the guidelines.

4. That they maintain up dated with the fulfillment of their liabilities with the Association, and in the payment of the correspondent share of the associated.

Which are the OBJECTIVES of AEPSI?

Partner and work together

Work together to get the prestige and respect for a profession that we are passionate about. The passion that makes our clients be satisfy and become in our best prescribers.

To form a strong team

A strong team, influential and prestigious that will close the circle of service that has been present during years in other countries, where the purchase customer will have very clear with who and how fight for the interest.

Our association was born to get together all real estate professionals that would like to step forward opening new formulas and market options.

Know our Ethics Code
Services for the Associates

Legal Advice through Bufete Pérez Pozo.

Support for the participation in National and International Conferences.

Central of purchases.

Help to the access of International accreditations.